Laser Tyre Mold Cleaning

The Vulcan - The New Definition In Laser Tyre Mould Cleaning

Tyre mold cleaning with the Vulcan series of laser cleaners from Powerlase is the optimum method for wear free cleaning with no blast media residue or disposal.  With the highest pulse energy in the industry carbon black, silicone, rubber, vulcanisation residues, and oils are no match for the cleaning power of the Vulcan Series with no damage to the mould.

The Vulcan1600 provides processing speeds of 3 – 5 times, or more, the existing capabilities of lower pulse energy laser systems in-line and at cold or vulcanising temperatures.  The Vulcan 500c is the industries first truly portable 500 Watt laser cleaner system with the smallest package size, self-contained and on board water chiller, and single phase 200 – 240V service.  It can even be operated by a portable generator if your application demands it.

The Vulcan 500c is great for light surface residue removal.

The new Vulcan laser cleaning systems delivers up to 5x the processing speed of conventional tyre mould cleaning systems with an unprecedented 500 – 1600 Watts of cleaning power, with its industry leading laser pulse energy, the Vulcan is the new definition of portability and convenience for tire mold cleaning and preparation.

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