The Vulcan 500c


The Vulcan 500c laser cleaning system was designed and built to match the needs of on-site cleaning service providers. It is light and very easy to use with a single button beam release hand tool. The compact hand tool allows easy access for cleaning in confined spaces and sharp curves. The system is highly portable and equipped with wheels so it can be moved around the site. For areas situated high above the ground, Powerlase offers choices of beam delivery fibre length up to 50 m. The laser is built around a fibre laser amplifier, the latest trend in all laser technology, thus ensuring 50,000 service hours and minimum maintenance or spare parts.


The new Vulcan handheld tool is compact and lightweight, just under 2kg. It makes it easy to reach through openings in road and heavy machinery maintenance work, a must have for any mobile laser cleaning machine.

The Powerlase Vulcan 500c follows the trend of all Powerlase products, delivering beyond standard average power and pulse energy, tackling even the most difficult surface contaminations. Items like stone, marble and granite can be revived in seconds, revealing their original brightness and glow. Contamination such as smog, oils, carbon, organic deposits, ink, paint and others can easily be removed in seconds, with just a few passes of the powerful laser. Processing is naturally restricted to the surface of the stone, leaving the remaining the remaining material un-affected and clean.

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