Laser Products

Vulcan 500c

The premier portable laser cleaning solution

500W pulsed fibre laser

The Vulcan 500c system is a 500W pulsed fibre laser, paired with a robust galvanometer based, ergonomic hand-held, compact scan head. With flexible operational parameters, fibre laser reliability and high pulse energy, Vulcan 500c offers the best value in laser cleaning equipment. The unique hand-held galvanometer based scan head is an integral part of the package, allowing the user to tilt the output angle of the laser up to 90° to accommodate difficult working geometries. The Vulcan 500c offers state of the art universal control systems and simple synchronisation that will deliver faster processing and unlock the highest potential of laser based paint and coating removal and surface preparation.

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Power (W)
Pulse Duration (ns)
70 - 500 (adjustable)
Pulse Energy (mJ)
Minimum Spot Diameter (mm, 1/e²)
> 0.7
Fibre Diameter (µm)
Typical Power Stability (s)
Fibre Delivery

Paint and Coating Removal
Rust Removal
Surface Activation
Oxidation Removal
Pre-Weld Preparation
Surface Cleaning and Restoration
Mold Cleaning


Do we have an ISO Certification?

Powerlase is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Does it have extraction?

The Vulcan 500c comes without extraction, extraction this can be purchased as an additional add-on. Alternatively, customers can buy their own extraction solution.

How much does the Vulcan weigh?

The Vulcan 500c weighs 220KG.

Is it safe and what safety features does this system have?

The Vulcan 500c comes fully equipped with industry standard laser safety features. ANDRITZ Powerlase offers a fully comprehensive training program to support users once purchased.

What are the facility requirements and service schedule (cost of running)?

The Vulcan 500C requires 200-240 VAC, single-phase supply voltage.

What can it clean and how quickly?

The Vulcan 500c has been designed for the following applications: Paint and Coating Removal, Rust Removal, Surface Activation, Oxidation Removal, Pre-Weld Preparation, Surface Cleaning and Restoration, Mold Cleaning.

What is the max fibre delivery length?

The Vulcan 500c comes with a standard 10m fibre.

Would you like to be a distributor for the Vulcan 500c?

For new distributors the following criteria should be met: At least 5 staff with technical competencies in laser surface technology Office(s) in country/market Service capability (technical and engineering staff) Experience with legacy rapid cleaning technologies Turnover > 3M € Existing company, established > 6 years Purchase at least 1 Vulcan i500c for rent/demo purposes Liability insurance value > 3M € Access to > 10 potential customers If interested use the form at the bottom of this page to speak to one of our advisors.