Laser Rust Removal

Achieve super fast rust removal rates with out lasers

Watch this super fast rust removal from carbon steel panel with the new ultra-lightweight Vulcan handheld from Powerlase.

The nature of laser cleaning applications requires laser sources that are simple to operate, yet powerful and efficient. Powerlase redesigned the handheld tool making it compact enough to fit in tight spaces and easy to use with point and shoot simplicity.

The Pulse Energy in this video is 150mj with the Processing Speed of 2sq ft per min. The power was set to 1.5kW.

Watch the removal of 200μm deep rust from carbon steel sheet using 400W of power. The removal area is 50x50mm.

Process speeds in excess of 1m²/min are possible using the Powerlase Rigel i1600E laser at 1600W average power.

The laser beam is fibre delivered and scanned using the Powerlase process tools.

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