Powerlase is seeking new distribution partners in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, UK, EU and South East Asia

Join the Innovative Team at Powerlase to Expand Your Business and Provide Exceptional Solutions for Industrial Applications

April 14, 2023

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to partner with a leading laser technology company and expand your business?

We are seeking distribution partners in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, UK, EU, and South East Asia to represent our innovative and high-quality products for industrial applications.

At Powerlase, we specialise in developing high-power and high-energy laser technology for various industries, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, defence, shipbuilding, oil and gas, nuclear waste management, and conservation. 

Our products, such as the Vulcan 500c Laser Cleaning System, are designed with the highest standards in mind and offer revolutionary solutions for surface processing, cleaning, depainting, and processing composite materials at high production speed.

Our team at Powerlase is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and tailored solutions for our clients. We work with leading worldwide partners to successfully address the unique needs of various industries and offer dynamic applications for ablation, surface processing, cleaning, de-painting, polishing, and processing composite materials

As a distribution partner with Powerlase, you can represent our brand and offer our innovative products to your customers. You will benefit from our extensive marketing and advertising efforts and our commitment to building long-term partnerships that benefit everyone involved. 

Are you interested in this incredible opportunity to join the innovative team at Powerlase and expand your business? Please apply with your company profile and resume to at our Head Office in Crawley today to become a distribution partner with Powerlase. Together, we can provide exceptional solutions for industrial applications and revolutionise the laser technology industry.

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